Shabera Night

During the Gastarbeiter Dating at the Mediamatic, I was glad to join the Japanese week’s event Shabera Night organized by Kyoko Inatome and Emiko Chujo.

The concept of Shabera Night is that you have the opportunity to show 10 images, each projected 30 seconds. Meanwhile the images are shown it is up to the performer if and how to comment the images.

I selected 10 images of my collection and ‘knitted’ a narrative towards but not always according to the images. I hoped that during the performance of telling the narrative to create a humorous hybrid of image and an abstract narration.

Afterwards, I made a video/animation out of this but unfortunately, I cannot post mpeg videos here, but you can see here at least the images I used. I have to figure out how to solve that issue (hopefully soon).

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