Friends to link

The links to blogs or homepages you find here, are creating friends of mine.

so, please feel free to visit them

CAAK – Center for Art and Architecture Kanazawa

Kapo – Kanazawa Art Port 金沢アートポート Artist run space in Kanazawa, where artists meet, work and exhibit. There is artist studios, a big gallery space and a very delicious organic cafe, the Mojo Cafe. =^±^=

Please visit also The Japan Foundation AIR Database for CAAK & Kapo CiR (Creator in Residence) Program

Atelier Bow Wow アトリエワン – Great Architects based in Tokyo

Artgummi – Kanazawa 金沢アートグミ

Berlinerpoolberlinerpool is an artist initiative that structures a cooperative network of artists, curators and art spaces. The online profile pages and mobile archive provide information about berlinerpool members. berlinerpool offers consulting and research services for curators, develops its own projects and participates in exhibitions and events.

Mondaynews – mondaynews is weekly updated and provides you with a comprehensive list of participation calls and art events. You can find information about deadlines, how to apply and other conditions for grants and funding for artists, curators, trainees, students or art institutions. Under art events we offer information on activities of berlinerpool members.

Maki Shimizu – Japanese Artist living in Berlin

Aurelio Kopainig – Swiss Artist living in Berlin

Julia Mensch – Argentinian Artist living in Berlin

Audrey Bakx – French/Dutch Artist living in France

Stefan Schwarzmüller – German Artist living in Berlin

Karen Boersma – Dutch artist living in Berlin

Bakfiets en meer – Blog from WorkCycles in Amsterdam. Fun and philosophy for bikelovers.

Yukari Uekawa – Japanese Saxophone player based in Amsterdam.

The Bone Dry – A friends’ collection of painters

Kyoko Inatome – Japanese Artist based in Amsterdam

Simsa Cho – Japanese/Korean Artist based in Amsterdam

Embellish Amsterdam – A friends Blog Announcing Events in the fields of Art and Culture

Eva Bauer – German Artist based in Amsterdam

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